Techical Specification

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Laboratory tests: ECOPIEDRA has its own control laboratory for testing and checking the quality of the raw materials and finished products. Testing is performed by our laboratory and is checked by officially approved laboratories.

Concrete components: ECOPIEDRA uses only high-strength and high-quality aggregates and cements.

Frost susceptibility: Our products are tested according to the UNE EN 14617-5 standard (the most demanding mode) as follows: over 25 complete cycles of freezing-thawing, no visible defect of peeling, fissures, cracks, etc. is observed.

Freezing cycles: The temperature of the cold chamber drops to –20º C within 4 hours, and it is kept there for 2 hours. The products are then submerged completely in +20º C water for 2 hours. These tests have been performed by our laboratory and have been checked by the officially approved laboratory, EPTISA.

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